Are you looking for ways to cut that giant electric bill down at your business or farm? Look into commercial solar energy installation! With the tax reduction benefits out there, now is a great time to take advantage of renewable energy from the sun. By installing a solar system, you can reduce overhead costs and save your business money for years to come.

Why choose Greenway Solar

Solar power can put your electric bill back in your pocket.

With a variety of renewable energy options available, why should you choose solar energy in the Midwest? Whether it’s for your farm, business or home, solar power can put your electric bill back in your pocket. The cost of solar panel installation in the midwest continues to go down, and payback is often 5 years or less. Solar energy installation in the midwest is predictable, cost effective, and easy to maintain.

Serving the Midwest since 2014, Greenway Solar is a full service contractor specializing in all aspects of solar design & construction.

Solar and Energy Storage

The ability to generate and store your own power ensures that you are in the drivers seat when it comes to your relationship with your power company.

Generating your own power is the first step in energy independence. Storing it and using it when you want is the second step. As Utilities continue to maximize what they bill you, Greenway Solar has the tools and the ability to keep you one step ahead.


Energy Storage and Backup Protection

The Tesla Powerwall and Powerpack are compact, battery solutions that store engery you produce with a Solar Roof, panel array or from the utilitiy grid – making it available anytime, for peak rate periods or during an outage. Sometimes a batteray pack isn’t the best option for storage, especially in the Midwest. If that’s the case for you, we offer many solutions for traditional generators to support your new solar system on off-days or during outages.

Tesla Powerwall

Near instantaneous backup power

Modular, we can add as many as you need

Home and office solution

Tesla Powerpack

Industrial, agriculture, and commercial applications

Expandable system that grows with your needs

Tesla energy management software


Can be integrated with a battery solution

Stand-alone long term backup

Many options that we will help navigate

Urban Commercial Solar

Make your building’s roof pull its weight by installing solar. Your business will see immediate financial and environmental benefits with one of our systems.

Community Solar

Have a roof/land you want to monetize? Find out about hosting a solar garden. Can’t put solar on your own roof? Subscribe to a community solar garden and reap many of the same benefits!

Community Solar

Have a roof/land you want to monotize? Find out about hosting a solar garden. Can’t put solar on your own roof? Subscribe to a community solar garden and reap many of the same benefits!

Rural Commercial Solar

Not in the city? No problem – Greenway Solar can provide your rural property with clean energy and save you money!

Our Process


We invite you to talk to any electrical inspector that has looked at our work, any of our customers, and compare our sites to any other you’ve come across. Feel free to reach out and we’ll put you in touch with some references.


We have in-house crew of expert installers. Your job will be done right the first time.

Operation & Maintenance

Solar systems last for 25+ years, you want to partner with a company that understands how to maximize and manage the investment, optimize output and ROI, and can help you operate and maintain your system. Greenway Solar offers a 10 year workmanship warranty for all of its installations.


Sure, there are other renewable energy options for schools, farms and businesses in the Midwest. However, solar energy is often the best choice, due to ease of installation, affordability and longevity.

Greenway Solar proudly serves the industries below in their quest to save the planet and a lot of money.

Industrial & Public



Community Solar

Places of Worship



No question is too big or too small, and we can arrange a no obligation review of your business, school, farm, or residential needs on-site.