SPAN Panel

One Small Switch to SPAN, One Giant Leap for Mankind: Understanding the SPAN Panel

Written by: Benjamin McLeish

January 23, 2023

Getting a huge electricity bill in the mail with little or no explanation can be frustrating. We are often left with questions about why it’s so expensive or what is using so much electricity in the house. With a traditional electrical panel, you won’t get these answers, but The SPAN panel is here to help. Installing the SPAN Panel can help you say goodbye to outdated methods of powering a home and take control over every detail of your usage.

What is it?

The SPAN Panel is a large white box that replaces your current electrical panel. Like other electrical panels, it controls the flow of electricity throughout the circuits in your home. It is a clean upgrade to the standard electrical panel, but it also does so much more than a traditional panel. The SPAN panel allows you to control every circuit in your home from a smartphone or tablet. It also allows you to truly understand how your electricity is being used and sourced throughout your home. It is especially useful if you have or are planning to have other electrification updates like solar and battery storage.

SPAN Panels have 32 controllable circuits per panel, and you can install multiple panels in your home. They have a 100A – 200A main breaker with a 225A bus and accept standard 1-inch residential breakers. Energy metering has as low as a 0.5% margin of error and the panel includes Wi-Fi, ethernet, and cellular LTE connectivity. The panel can be installed indoors and outdoors and can be wall-mounted, semi-flush, or surface mounted. The SPAN panel includes a 10-year warranty.

Image of a Span Panel and a residential house

Why Should I Switch to SPAN? 

The SPAN Panel can help everyone upgrade their home and save electricity in the process. But it is especially beneficial for those who are looking to add other energy upgrades to their home. According to Energy Sage, SPAN is specifically designed to be used with solar panels, electric vehicle charging, and battery storage. SPAN can show you how much power you have remaining in your batteries and how much longer they can be used before running out of charge. It will show you exactly how much battery storage capacity is required to power your home during an outage. SPAN also helps maximize the power obtained through solar panels by helping you properly size your battery system. Finally, the SPAN Panel makes it much easier to make the switch to electric throughout your home. The SPAN Panel ensures that you will not need an upgrade in order to switch to an induction range top from a gas stove or start using an electric vehicle. So, if you are looking to optimize your home’s electricity, you are currently using solar panels, battery storage, or EV charging, or you are looking to upgrade your home in the future, the SPAN Panel would be a great addition.

A residential house with solar panels on its rooftop

What is the SPAN Drive? 

If you own an electric vehicle, having an EV charger in your home allows you to quickly and efficiently charge your vehicle. SPAN now produces its own EV charger that pairs with the SPAN Panel. The SPAN Drive must be paired with the smart panel and has a comparable cost to Tesla EV Chargers. It includes a 3-year warranty. According to SPAN, the SPAN Drive is a level 2 charger, meaning that it can charge your vehicle much faster than the average charger while adding 41 miles of range per hour. The SPAN Drive is compatible with all electric vehicles that can be charged with a J1772 charge plug. Teslas are an exception, but they come with a J1772 adapter, so they can still be charged using the SPAN Drive. The SPAN Drive can be connected to the SPAN Home app, which allows you to monitor charging. The company is working on setting up smart scheduling in the SPAN app so that you can selectively charge your electric vehicle. So, not only is the SPAN Drive one of the fastest and most efficient EV chargers on the market, but it can also be paired with the SPAN Panel and be controlled through the SPAN app.

An image showing a Electric Vehicle and a EV charger next to it

Here at Greenway, we believe in solar for all. For homeowners, we install standard solar panels, EV chargers, battery storage, and the SPAN panel. We are also a certified installer of the Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall. If you don’t own a home but want the benefits of solar, then subscribing to one of our three community solar gardens might be right for you.

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