Solar Roof Now Available with Greenway Solar

Tesla Solar Roof is the only roof that can help pay for itself with the energy you produce. Power your home at the lowest price per watt of any national provider and take control of your monthly electricity bill. Contact Greenway Solar today to learn how. Currently serving Minnesota and Iowa.

Why choose Greenway Solar

Solar power can put your electric bill back in your pocket.

Greenway Solar is a full service contractor specializing in all aspects of solar design & construction. We are a Certified Tesla Roof Installer, currently servicing the Iowa and Minnesota markets. We’ll be around to keep you running for years to come.


The most beautiful and durable roof that also generates clean energy

Beautiful Solar Without Compromise

3X Stronger Than Standard Roof Tiles

Pays For Itself Over Time

Is Solar Roof Right For You?

Don’t need a new roof? Have a flat roof? Don’t own your building? No problem! Greenway Solar offers expertise in traditional solar panels, community solar, energy storage and much more. Reach out for more information to get set up with renewable energy for your home or business.

Own your home or property

Technology early adopter

Need a new roof

Interested in solar power

Interested in saving Money on power bills

Consider Solar Roof If…

You need a new roof

You want an integrated approach

You have many vents and skylights requiring a smaller footprint

You are expecting adding additional electrical products to your home. You want maximum solar generation.

Consider Solar Panels If…

You don’t need a new roof (10+ yrs. left on roof)

You want solar panels added to your roof

You have few vents or skylights allowing for a larger footprint panel

You are looking for standard solar system sizes

Monitor and Optimize

With the Tesla app, you can monitor your energy production in real time. Control your system from anywhere with instant alerts and remote access.

Monitor and Optimize

Add Powerwall to Your Roof

Powerwall is a compact home battery that stores the energy you produce with Solar Roof, making it available anytime—at night or during an outage.


No question is too big or too small, and we can arrange a no obligation review of your business, school, farm, or residential needs on-site.